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LCDSmartie dll to allow the display of MediaPortal information on an LCD display such as:

photo1.JPG photo3.JPG
photo5.JPG photo4.JPG
photo2.JPG photo6.JPG

  • Mix and Match MediaPortal information with other LCDSmartie functionality.
  • Activate MediPortal LCD screens when MediaPortal is active
  • Choose what to display from a large number of 'tags'

LCD Smartie Configuration

You can call the dll from the smartie configuration page using the functions below:
  • Function 1 returns my interpretation of what should be displayed for the MediaPortal status on the first display line for a 2x16 display and is called by $dll(MP.dll,1,,) Now returns “MediaPortal HTPC” if MediaPortal is not running and we are connected to the local machine.
  • Function 2 returns an interpretation for the second display line for a 2x16 display and is called by $dll((MP.dll,2,,).
  • Function 3 returns the version number of the dll and is called by $dll(MP.dll,3,,)
  • Function 4 returns the values of the tags supplied. You can have 1 or 2 tag names e.g. $dll(MP.dll,4,IsPlaying,IsRecording).
  • Function 5 is designed to fix scrolling where there's no space and checks if param1 length > param2 then result=param1+" "
  • Function 6 Performs an if function and is called by $dll(MP,6,a#b,c#d) and does if a=b then c else d
  • Function 7 returns an interpretation of the first display line for a 2x16 display but overridden with recording info if one or more recordings are active and is called by $dll(MP.dll,7,,)
  • Function 8 is similar to function 2 with, recording overrides.
  • Function 9 Scrolls a bit of the line use different ID's for different scrolls (0-9) , param 1=id#centre#width, param2=text. if param2 size<width and centre=1 then centre text
  • Function 19 Converts seconds to a time string as h:mm:ss If param2 provided then h:mm:ss/h:mm:ss.
  • Function 20 checks if a process is active using the process file name. If active it returns param 2 otherwise a 0. E.g. $dll(MP,20,MediaPortal.exe,MediaPortal Active) will check if MediaPortalis active. Note this works in win7 x64 and x86 only (so far)

This a first Beta release. Have fun and please let me know of any bugs, limitations or suggested improvements.


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