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Installation Instructions

Dependencies are MediaPortal 1.2.2, WifiRemote 0.6 and MPExtended v0.4.2. It may work with other versions but these are the ones it has been tested with.

Install WifiRemote with default settings (you can change these but the program has only been tested with different IP addresses and Ports. Different authentication types may or may not work. WifiRemote can be found at:

Install MPExtended with default settings (I suspect this also installs WifiRemote if it isn’t already present but don’t know for sure. Maybe someone could let me know). Run the MPExtended config and ensure the service is running and starts at boot time. Also go into troubleshooting, change the pull down to and test the TV link. I had problems connecting due to my firewall blocking port 4322. MPExtended can be found at:

Installation of MP involves copying the MP.dll and MP.cfg files to your LCDSmartie plugins folder then editing the LCDSmartie config.ini (or more easily running the setup) and adding lines such as (for a 2 line display):



When the MP.dll plugin runs it may ceate two files in the plugins folder:

  • “MP.log” – a log file for any errors detected or if the debug flag is switched on (see below). Note that with the debug flag on a LOT of disk space can be used.
  • “MP_Dump.log – contains a dump of all the tag values at some point in time. (updated according to the entry in the cfg file). This can be useful for understanding the current value of the tags if debugging LCDSmartie line settings.

Available dll Functions:


What it does



Returns the first display line. These are my preferred values



Returns the second display line



Returns the version number of the code



Returns the value of the tag(s) supplied as a parameter. If 2 tags are supplied then you will get string-string. A list of tags is given later in this document.



if param1 length > param2 then result=param1+"   " designed to fix scrolling where there's no space at the end or start of a line

$dll(MP,5, $dll(MP,1,,),16)


Performs an if function e.g. $dll(MP,6,a#b,c#d)

If a=b then c else d

$dll(MP,6,$dll(MP,4,IsTv,)#true,Playing TV#Not Playing TV)


Returns the first display line (overridden with recording info if a recording is in progress)



Returns the second display line (overridden with recording info if a recording is in progress)



Scroll a bit of a line.

Use different ID's for different scroll areas (0-9)                            

param 1 = id#centre#width, param2=text              

if param2 size<width and centre=1 then centre text  



Converts seconds to a time string as h:mm:ss        

if param2 provided then h:mm:ss/h:mm:ss            



Check if the given process is active (x.exe)

Returns param2 if it is, The value of the tag ProcessInactive if not


The program builds up tag values over time as it receives them from MediaPortal so you may get “Unfound Tag” sometimes e.g. if you access a music tag before you have played any music.

You might get “WifiRemote not active” and/or “MPExtended not active” when the plugin is trying to connect. You can translate these if you don’t like them by using settings in the configuration file.

Try the following:

If we are recording this will show how long for

$dll(MP,6,$dll(MP,4,IsRecording,)#true,$dll(MP,5,$dll(MP,1,,) ($dll(MP,4,Recording1.SoFar,)),16)#$dll(MP,5,$dll(MP,7,,),16)) 


This will show a single custom char for record/play/pause/stop and centre the rest unless it’s too long in which case it will scroll

$CustomChar(1, 0, 4,14,31,31,14, 4,0)$CustomChar(2, 8,13,10,15,11,26,12,8)$CustomChar(3,27,27,27,27,27,27,27,0)$CustomChar(4,16,24,28,30,28,24,16,0)$CustomChar(5,31,31,31,31,31,31,31,0)$dll(mp,6,$dll(mp,4,IsRecording,)#true,$Chr(176)#$dll(mp,6,$dll(mp,4,IsMuted,)#true,$Chr(158)#$dll(mp,6,$dll(mp,4,IsPaused,)#true,$Chr(131)#$dll(mp,6,$dll(mp,4,IsPlaying,)#true,$Chr(132)#$Chr(133))))) $dll(mp,9,1#1#16, $dll(mp,1,,))

Please read the file Documentation.doc for further information.

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